Trichology is the medical term for the study of hair and scalp disorders. It involves the anatomy and physiology of hair. Trichology bridges the gap between Cosmetology and Dermatology.

A ‘Trichologist’ is someone who specializes in hair loss and scalp disorders. Trichologist can identify various conditions such as, dandruff, excessive shedding, baldness, scalp diseases and the treatments of these conditions based on contributing factors. Contributing factors can range from nutritional deficiencies, stress and or more serious health conditions. Upon identifying the condition the Trichologist may work with your Primary Physician and or make referrals to Dermatologist, Nutritionist and Endocrinologist to manage or reverse the condition.

Hi I’m Trichologist Sherita King WTS – Training and Professional Development received from a British Science approach by World Renowned Trichologist/Professor Dr. David H. Kingsley.

As a Member of World Trichology Society, I receive continuing education and practice latest developments in treatments that resolve hair and scalp disorders. My concentration is Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Loss Recovery. I educate my clients on the condition of their hair and scalp, offer various treatment plans from a holistic approach and professional counseling to those who are in need. Lastly, I refer clients to Master Stylist to assist them in achieving their desired look. Rest assured, I’ve done the foot work for you!

As a Trichologist, I bridge the gap between Cosmetology and Dermatology. Before scheduling with a Dermatologist for scalp issues, you should see a Trichologist. Before receiving PRP or scheduling to receive Hair Transplants, you should schedule with a Trichologist.

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