Due to the high demand of Specialty Services provided by a Certified Trichologist – Natural Hair Salon and Spa is officially a Members Only Salon. There are 4 memberships to choose from. You must at least obtain the Bronze membership in order to receive any services. In order to keep your membership active you must commit to the Healthy Hair Care Plan designed for you by keeping your scheduled appointments. Frequent cancellations will result in loss of membership and you will have to repay the membership fee in order to remain a bookable client.


Platinum members –  clients are placed on a healthy hair care plan. Free trims and 1 free conditioning treatment every 6 weeks. Secures a weekly standing appointment. Receives loyalty points and discount on birthday!


Gold members – clients are placed on healthy hair care plan. 1 trim every 6 weeks. Secures a bi-weekly standing appointment. Receives loyalty points.


Silver members – clients are placed on a healthy hair care plan, learns hair type and receives loyalty points. Secures an appointment every 3 weeks.


Bronze members – client learns hair type and texture, receives product recommendations, loyalty points and salon access to book future  appointments.


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