Pearland’s Follicle Awakening Hair Loss Treatment Center

Are you experiencing hair loss? Have you been searching for hair loss treatments near you?….well look no further!

Receive Hair Loss Treatments from a Hair Loss Specialist at Natural Hair Salon and Spa’s – Follicle Awakening Hair Loss Treatment Center.

Hi I’m Trichologist Sherita King. If you are visiting this page you have concerns with your hair, scalp or both. You 1st want to start off by scheduling a Consultation with me. I understand that this may be a sensitive topic of discussion and I value your privacy which is why I’m discreetly located in a private facility in the Pearland area. Heres what to be expected out of the Consultation:

  • I’ll 1st – Address your concerns
  • We will discuss your lifestyle and medical history such as, stress, diet, medications, family and health history
  • Microscopic Scalp Analysis – Identify if there is a Condition
  • Recommend life style changes where it may apply
  • Request lab work from your PCP if needed
  • Refer you to a Dermatologist, Endocrinologist or Nutritionist when needed
  • Place you on a Treatment Plan – in center or at home, based on your condition & financial budget
  • Administer Treatments

*Financial assistance available*