– Pearland’s Certified Trichologist – 

Hi I’m Trichologist Sherita King WTS – Training and Professional Development received from a British Science approach by World Renowned Trichologist/Professor Dr. David H. Kingsley.

As a Member of World Trichology Society, I receive continuing education and practice latest developments in treatments that resolve hair and scalp disorders. My concentration is Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Loss Recovery. I educate my clients on the condition of their hair and scalp, offer various treatment plans from a holistic approach and professional counseling to those who are in need. Lastly, I refer clients to Master Stylist to assist them in achieving their desired look. Rest assured, I’ve done the foot work for you!

As a “Natural Hair Stylist” my Specialty area is Promoting Healthy Growing “Natural Hair”. If I don’t offer your desired services, I have a team of stylist that does.

As Preventative Maintenance, Trichology appointments should be made twice a year. Whereby you’ll receive a Scalp Analysis and Product Recommendations. I’m not your average Hair Stylist, I’m your Trichologist. I bridge the gap between Cosmetology and Dermatology. Before scheduling with a Dermatologist for scalp issues, you should see a Trichologist.

Schedule with me! Let’s start 2020 off with a Perfect Vision Plan for your hair!